Celebrate your child’s special day at Tiny Town and allow our friendly staff to take care of set-up and …



Encourage imaginative and cognitive kids development through interactive and hands-on play!

Get Active!


Develop your child’s cognitive, imaginative, and fine motor skills by joining our Tiny Academy Classes…

Be Creative!


Stay for lunch and explore our Tiny Cafe menu, which provides a variety of healthy food options that …


Our Play Themed Rooms Include

We also offer a trampoline, see-saw, car, scooters, and more! 

Your Safety Is Important To Us
Our rules are meant to keep adults and children safe at all times while still having fun.

• Adults are responsible for and are required to stay and supervise their children. Play at your own risk!

• Since little fingers touch the floor, shoes must be removed at the door.

• Socks must be worn at all times. Should you need socks and/or shoe covers, they are available for purchase at the front desk.

• Outside food/drinks are not permitted.

• Surveillance cameras are in use for your safety and you may be recorded/photographed.

• Daily admission does not allow in/out privileges.

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